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Resistance Calculator

Calculates values for electrical resistance in five configurations, with custom settings and using only E24 values. Tolerance is adjustable. Allows the user to create a list and print this or the whole window.

Free Download      YouTube video



Box Template program

For making boxes from card where each half uses a template that can be printed on A4. For larger sizes, scale up a copy. Has named presets for common types. Also has thickness control for the cardboard.

Free Download      YouTube video



Caster Angle Calculator for Independent Steering

on Model Cars

Generates look-up table for positioning of each steering wheel by servos. Output is *.txt format which can be imported straight into MPLAB. 1 memory bank needed, address is inner wheel servo value and data is outer wheel servo value. Info/instructions page can be printed. Info/instructions page can be printed. 




4-Week Planner Program  

Wall planner program, set date at anything up to 350 days before or after the current date with a scroll bar. Highlights the weekdays in red and weekends in black. Prints to default printer. 

download planner



Map-Printing Program

Simple program to print 2x1 maps, with a border for printer error. Choose printer from folder, inkjet printing works well because mosaics of maps align well when printed with them. Select map and press print. Do next in the list. The picture here shows a section of a 1:50,000 scale map that will print well, though if the same map were reduced to 4 by 8 squares or 3 by 6, the quality would be better. This picture does not show the high quality of the same one printed. 

You first need to acquire maps that have widths double that of their height - screen snips from your own program and trimmed with simple photo software.

The result can be a large area of a wall covered with the most fascinating wallpaper. You may spend a long time pondering, getting to know your locality and countryside for example.

Some printers may need setting on landscape as default, in case they don't accept commands from this program. printing 



Water-Sugar-Yeast proportions Calculator

Adjust water quantity and view and print sugar and yeast quantities, for making alcohol. Default values are adjustable.

Water-Sugar_Yeast Calc download 




Tinning Mix Proportions Calculator

Choose water or powder quantities to display mix proportions. Also shows square cm coverage. Custom ratios available by changing lines in the ancillary text file 'ratios.txt' - 450; 5; 1.92, which is for 450g/5lit, covering 1.92sqm per litre. Fixed labels calculated with user's ratio if the text file is changed before startup.

Mix Proportions download  It should be remembered that the coverage is always more than the PCB size, because only some of the copper remains after etching.

go to Bottle Shaker/Heater device page  DIY shaker/heater idea for tinning mix




Displays text for reading out, for times proportional to length of lines. Adjustable calculation.

AutoCue download 




Stamps Calculator

Finds best combination of 1st and 2nd class stamps to suit required value. Shows all combinations from 0 1st to 9 1st.

Stamps Calculator download 



Wall Temperatures

Calculates thermal and vapour transmittance through structures, displaying the graphs on a scaled drawing of the structure. 50 editable materials with editable hatching. Vapour equation accuracy deteriorates at the extremes of conditions selected. Spoken/silent tour through the program.

Wall Temperatures download 




Colour Matching

Create colours and shades of those, and print.

Colour Matching download 




Strike Distance

Click when lightning strikes and when thunder is heard, graph draws to show you how far away the storm is.... 

Prints inverted, to save ink.

Strike Distance download 




RGB Experiment

Another colour experimenting program

RGB exp download 





Telescope Aperture Comparison

Compares light-catching area of two telescopes.

Telescope Apertures download 





View 1, 2 or 4 videos or photos. Repeat-play and slideshow modes.

Multi-Viewer download 




GPS Mapping for Laptop

Uses a USB GPS module. Use maps, aerial views or sketches, calibrate and watch dot move around on screen. This is quite hard to use, needs simplifying. Will use a GPS module made for it if upgraded, though a fully portable one would be better, using bitmaps and a graphical LCD. The GPS Recorder mapping is better than this one.

Please contact for info. The GPS Recorder is a better system and uses a separate program. For easiest mapping, download your GPX files to Google Earth or mapping from other firms/systems.




Envelope and Label Creator

Address-book style application, preview screen where you can move around the blocks of text and pictures, resize them and print back and front. Font selection and previewing, colour preview for text with background.

Envelope and Label download 




Ellipse Calculation and Draw

Plan ellipses accurately, you know for those times when nothing else will satisfy. Prints also.

Ellipse download



Sound Adder

Doesn't work with Vista, or work well. Adds sound files together for use with mobile phones etc. Makes quite a good racket!

Sound Adder download 




Files namer

Place in a folder of photos for example, click on the application, choose a name and then press Rename. Photos are in same order and better identifiable when moved about.

Files Namer download 



Video Stills Position

Place program in same folder as video files (avi, mpg, mpeg), use the program to more accurately position the video for grabbing screen snips than when pausing standard media players. Because the video window is large the resolution of your screen snips is good, whereas when using video editing software, the preview panes are usually small. The program needs Windows Snipping Tool (C:\Windows\System32\SnippingTool.exe), or alternatively you can create your snips with the standard PrintScreen command on PC keyboards.