Utilities, fun stuff. See tabs on the right. The text-to-speech programs here might be easier to use than the Sweet Talk Suite but are very basic. The STS is free, see the Free Programs tab.

Auto Speech 20

Uses either 'spchapi' or 'msttsl', Microsoft speech-enabler programs, which are free. Up to 20 comments with a delay after each, choice of voices also for each. Timer for when using automatically. This program and others on this site can be useful for creating speech in videos. Auto Speech: Multiple-voices in multiple-catalogues of text for creating computer-speech dialogues. For use within video recordings such as simple advertising, or for stating answers to repeated questions at work (or home) or for any use you put it to. Controlled by a virtual keypad. Uses the common range of Microsoft voices but any that MS Voice Text can operate, up to 30 on the application.




A large decimal clock (and binary, for sheer fun!) with 5 alarms. Alarms are audio or video. Links directly to text-to-speech window, where speech files can be created.



Text-To-speech screen -  

Text-to-speech facility, allowing importing of text as well as typed. Can speak while typing, for ease in tuning the pronunciation. A good range of voices. Has direct link to 'Sound Recorder' in Windows.