Tiny USB Interface and Software for User. PCB version or 0.1" components version.

A very easy to use and highly compact building block for amateurs and hobbyists.

This module surpasses the majority of available designs in functionality yet is still far cheaper than comparable multi-purpose boards.

PC control is either using Microsoft Excel or VB6, and a file is provided for each of these for the user to customise, showing basic code examples for all the data. The data can be sequential into both Excel and VB6, and this is demonstrated also. The code provided is easy to follow. 


Video clip showing tuning of a switching voltage regulator, automatic and manual sampling.In the manual sampling part no components are adjusted, it is a demo of the manual triggering. The automatic sampling is real data and the slight changes in efficiency are shown.

demo video



Specifications -

Parallel: 2 8-bit ports, either can be input or output, selectable by solder link.

Serial: 8 bit in and out. Baud rate is set on the PC, 6 rates from 2.4k baud to 115.2k baud. In tests of 1000 readings: 115.2k and 57.6k missed 0, 19.2k missed 7, 9.6k missed 2, 4.8k missed 9, 2.4k missed 29. In the VB and Excel applications it may be best to use the mode (most frequently occurring) reading.

A-D: 5 10 bit channels with on-board preset for +Vref. Solder link allows this or external +Vref.

PWM: 1 or 2 channels, 10 bit duty cycle (independant), 8 bit period and 3 ranges. Counter: 16 bit with active-low reset terminal. The Counter and PWM channel 2 are not available at the same time, only one of these can be selected.


Interface background program with Excel example:


Interface program and VB project for user to finish:

Click here to download this file Word Document for 0.1" version

Click here to download this file Word Document for Board version