Hardware records up to 99 tracks to micro-SD card. PC Software sorts the records and user can display times of the recordings on maps, aerial photos or even sketches, showing GPS data for each second that was recorded. Valid days within overall time selection are shown, and then valid hours for a selected day. Scroll bar to select the seconds within that hour. Auto-view between 1 sec/sec (precisely) and 1 min/hour. Circle on map, compass graphic, speed and height graphs, and data list for the selected second. Speed and height graphs calibrate to maximum within the selected hour. Map can be moved and zoomed even while advancing through the data. Low-voltage detection with file close and alert. PC program auto-deletes test and empty files.


YouTube video demo and description 


A jumper selects RF Solutions GPS-320 module or Skylab SKM53 module. 

The unit records up to 99 tracks, which can last anything up to 11 months total. The computer organises the recordings from the tracks recorded, a typical hike may be a single track with four hours than can be viewed on a PC. Moving dot on screen can be primary or secondary colours, or black or white.

Power is 1-2 cells, 3V max. Two step-up converters allow the battery voltage to fall to 1V or less, while still powering the unit. 

GPS recording every second: time, date, position, height, speed, fix level, bearing etc.


Connection to RF Solutions GPS320 unit:




Displaying a map with precise time controls - a red marker moves along the route of a calibrated map (demo map shown here with no marker visible). The frame at the left of the screen blanks out map selection in this view. Select a day from the overall selection and then an hour that is available for that day, scroll bar controls marker, data showing position, bearing, speed and height within that hour: (button to display and hide 20 view buttons now included)



Finished unit mounted into a waterproof case: (wires visible are for the GPS-320 if used, and can be removed otherwise)





Custom Views - click a red button to save the current view (including zoom and position on screen), alter the text and press save; to load a custom view press a green button:



Time Selection - click the 'from' option button and choose a day, time (and year and month if required), do the same after pressing the 'to' option button, then press 'OK':



Importing new record from SD - blank box in picture shows "TRACKxx.TXT" (01 to 99) if recordings have been made. Click the box and daily records are imported and sorted into folders for year and month. Records continuing an existing day are added to that day. Box below shows the added days and hours: 



Calibration of maps - covered boxes here are for degrees, minutes and decimal places for minutes. Auto-calculation and insertion for decimal places from minutes/seconds data format. This screen has a control for the selected hour, for positioning of the marker to aid calibration adjustment: 


Data recorded using the SKM53, which is less than when using the GPS-320 module (altitude, magnetic variation):