For people who aren't built like Durga. Based on a pair of goggles, with radio control of lenses moved by servos. Illumination and fume expulsion included. Manual control also. Battery charging while in use is possible.

Made for a real need - eyesight and needing to hold too many things at once. Operated by a guitar pedal which plugs into the transmitter, or by manual switches.


demo 1   demo 2






Lenses positioned at no-magnification:


The leds are partly lit here. At half and no-magnification they are half the brightness of the full-mag level. The control is visible at the right and will be trimmed. Leds are PWM controlled for an even range and efficient power management. The fans operate when at half or full-mag, or manually with a switch. Speed is adjustable with the preset at the left of the left fan. The two circuits visible here are switching power supplies. The top regulator with the heatsink is for battery charging, and uses the power lead shown. The charger can power the unit as well as charge the two batteries. The servos have a latching relay for power saving. The fans have MOSFET switching.


The two circuit boards wired, before fitting together: