Android named Mick Arno, Michaela Arno and seventeen other Arnos..... 

The Arnos and new program (Sweet-Talk-Suite)

A gadget advertised by some of the Arnos - (first version of the program) 

More gadgets advertised - (first version of the program) 

Enacted clip from 'Mostly Harmless' by Douglas Adams, slightly altered text - (first version of the program) 

An Arno speaking Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 - (first version of the program) 

Arnos speaking subtitles - (first version of program, and voices very fast or speaking over each other in film, Chinese). This clip has faster voices, something I'd avoided until then 


The PC program is also under construction and on the second version. That will be a separate system to The Arnos when finished. 


The Meccano android is only a prototype also and will be superseded by nineteen simpler androids.


The Arnos have a moving mouth and neck. The mouth movements are controlled by the speech (from a dialogue or video subtitles). The neck is currently controlled only by a potentiometer but will be control-able by PC also, neck position unique to the particular android speaking at any time.


The pitches and speeds are controllable for each voice. When a dialogue is spoken ('Comments' screen), each comment can be spoken in a different pitch, for the same android.... so the Arnos can sing! The dialogues save and load 99 sets, or 99 rhymes etc. Within the individual dialogues, blocks of lines can be set to a particular voice and pitch range, at a few clicks. 


When subtitles-speaking, the voice speaks at the default pitch and at a preset speed for that voice. The subtitles can be spoken over each other, the same as in the Comments/dialogue mode. Video output in Subtitle mode can go to a projector or other screen. For this final viewing and listening, there is an option for the subtitle file to be located and processed in a separate folder, so the text doesn't appear on the screen.


Androids are often given glowing eyes, if they don't have cameras providing vision. A camera for the Arnos is on the agenda but no work is underway yet. The red-green-blue eyes are in 24-bit colour and are unique to the android speaking at any time.


The Arnos:






Wearing the Inspector Goggles: 



Inside the head:



Subtitles screen:


Comments/Dialogue screen:



Speech Properties screen: 



Comms screen: