Preset, custom delays and manual control. 5A mains relay output and TTL output. NOT FOR SALE.


Unit could be used for other short preset delays. Display reads the modes 'Warm, 'Expose' and 'Manual'.



Recommended for making an exposure unit in addition to a controller:


An old scanner minus all internal components except possibly the DC power socket, and PSU.


Reflective self-adhesive tape and foil. 


Case. Transparent lid type doesn't need a large hole cutting.

Two cheap mains-powered insect killers, to use the tubes and ballast from. 


Cable, foil for reflecting UV, low voltage mains supply for circuit. 


demo of adjusting and using


The main screens showing Warm (the tubes), Expose and Manual

Further screens, there is also one for if exposure is stopped


Output on this controller is either the relay board or to a custom control. Two wires go to the relay board from the controller. 5V digital and 0V outputs are for custom controlling, switching at the same times as the relay control. The relay outputs are +9V and collector of a BC817 transistor. Protection diode is on the relay board. Current consumption is around 80mA when the relay is energised. Warm and expose maximum times are 9 minutes 59 seconds. Manual control counts to 99 minutes 59 seconds.