Space-saving add-on, easy to control, adds complex user-composed music (or single beeps, a few beeps etc) to projects or appliances.Also a music box version which activates immediately.

Create and preview music with the module via the PC program, save to the module's memory.

Control with 3-bit interface plus Enable pulse. An output terminal is provided for switching the circuit off after playing, in a doorbell circuit for example.

Output is via on-board piezo speaker using differential pulse width modulation signals, though an external amplifier and integration could be used.

Standby current is around 6.5mA typically, and playing is <20mA typically. Removing the voltage regulator (only do this if you know how these chips work) should cut current consumption considerably. The doorbell adaptation (not a sale item) uses the READY signal, which goes high after playing, to trigger power-off in that circuit. A pad is provided to make use of this.


Program and data files required:

(plug in the module after connecting power source to it, then open the program)

 Click here to download this file


2nd version, with 1x, 2x, 4x etc durations and other changes:

demo of the Melodies module


The Melodies module fitted into a doorbell project (this is not for sale):

doorbell application of the module

Demo (1st version) video in two parts (a burglar alarm can be heard in background, ignore it). The melodies used here are only short to keep the video short:

1st version, extensive demo 

creating and previewing melodies

wavetables and comms


Circuit board:


Music box version from front and from back:



The switch controls the mode, either Programming/Previewing or Normal. Each melody is played in sequence, one melody per switch-on.


Main screen:


Wave screen:



Comms screen:


Music Collections screen, which allows changes and saving:



Integrated sine wave possible, by processing: