A version of the pan-tilt (with memories) camera controller in the demo video is in progress. This version will have automatic control as well as manual. Radio control may be an option on this, allowing the user to switch TV channels to their CCTV input and operate the controller easily.

Now mounted on an mdf board for nostalgia. No it didn't cause a crash! The PC program also functions as a home security system - making hourly recordings for a week




This uses a laptop to control the system, but the laptop is closed after setting up and can be forgotten.


It allows panning control of the camera, instant photographs, instant video recording and saving, instant sequential photographs with simple adjustment of rate. There is an audio amplifier with muting, to eliminate sound feedback while recording.


A number of driver-friendly design points were chosen so the laptop can be forgotten:

1) spoken feedback when taking a photo, the laptop speaks the time through the amplifier. This also serves as a reminder for particular photos. Example: "twenty thirty six" - that is 20:30:06

2) spoken feedback when entering and leaving sequential photos: "photo burst mode, five seconds per photo" and "standby mode"

3) spoken feedback when changing the sequential photo rate: "adjust photo rate, five photos per second" to "four photos per second" and so on

4) visual feedback when in the different modes: standby mode has the two photo buttons and the record button lit; sequential photo mode has all four buttons flashing; recording mode has only the stop button lit

5) when recording video the recording time is displayed on the led display, and when stopped the display reads "00:00"

6) while waiting for the driver or user to select a video compression codec during setup, the display reads "Hi". If the driver is not named the display reads "Hi CG". When a codec is selected the name stated on the PC program textbox (which saves) is spokem: "Hi xxxxxx, this is the CG Multi-Purpose Video Recording System", or if not named it says "Hi Chris".


demo of unit mounted on a demonstration board, after selling that car 











The system also works as a continual recording system, making hourly recrdings in folders entitled "Monday", "Tuesday" etc. At the end of a week they are overwritten. This use is only the PC program and works with any camera and records on any PC location.