Last updated 20/10/12

Picture of setup:



Working on the mechanics, PC program and USB interface.The mechanics are to have X and Y movement and RGB lighting. PC program is almost finished and takes the automatic photos as required, when the correct positional data is fed back to it.

Mechanism now has limited resolution, covering most of the depth of a slide in 162 steps, rather than the planned 1/1000mm!!!!! But the electronics are capable of handling high resolution. The RGB board in the Remote Unit has an adapted Melodies circuit included, to handle the audible messages.

video from early 2012, will be updated soon 

LED cluster is made of 32 RGB leds, each with series resistance:



There is also a luxeon LED inspection lamp. RGB board has a Melodies module built in, for tone creation. These can be changed by the user when connected to the PC.




Remote Unit, mechanism and PCB for RGB leds. Stepper motors driving board fitted into case. Melodies module will allow for tones to be sounded at different stages. Console is now powered by the Remote unit instead of the other way round. Vertical PCB contains 4 switch-mode regulators and 2 standard regulators. Black leads taped up are the I2C bus from the console.


Screenshot of the program so far. The actual view is just below the borderless white dot on the click/drag central photo. A simple calibration method is planned, and a better method of holding the slide, which had turned.


Picture of the LCD screen after startup, the stage will navigate to the last place before switch-off. Top line will show actual position, third line will show the nearest pre-set view and the destination. The letters 'MN' at the bottom left show the console is controlling rather than the computer. The console is currently constructed on a test lab:


Print View with a basic text layout. To save ink, moveable (and save-able) masking is used around the scope view. Any photo (jpeg, bitmap) can be loaded into this, such as from telescope imaging.


Videoview screen with subtitles creation. This is from the Subtitles Creator program, sized specifically for 640x480 pixels:


10 preset places on any slide. R, G, B is the lighting for any of those presets. Note that these values are unique to each slide and will reload when an old slide is viewed again.


Part of the forward-backward movement on the original design. Current design is to use stepper motors from floppy drives with a simpler gearing system than that in the photo, which is only part of one drive.