Spoken dialogues or comments, songs, presentations, comments, 'ringtones', and video clip or film subtitles. 

Also controls The Arnos. 

Versatile speech for subtitle-speaking and dialogues (up to 99 selectable), such as rhymes and video presentations. The Arnos (other hardware tab) make use of this program, first videos use the first version. The picture below shows the Subtitles screen. Nineteen voices, and in Comments/Dialogue mode the individual text lines can have their own voice pitch. More details shown on the Arnos page. Each voice also has a neck position, customisable also. Each dialogue has a unique name also, switch between a view of all the names and the dialogue currently showing.

PC-only version of the Sweet-Talk Suite   

Spoken subtitles demo, clip shows speaking with the titles on screen, then off screen 


Demo using The Arnos      

Instructions for Sweet-Talk Suite


Comms screen (hardware version only):



Comments/Dialogues screen:


Speech Properties screen: