Begun in 2009 and much-experimented with and changed 

Last update 11.07.15 

LEDs in front of GPS sensor test. No impairment of GPS signal was the result:

A car journey recording was made with 7 leds sequencing and the corresponding voltages on the metal tracks, see photo and video. Despite being warned this was not advisable by a GPS module manufacturer, there was no deterioration in the data received. There was a delay possibly in getting a first fix, but this may have been due to the position of the GPS Recorder in the car.

The sequence used is comparable to the one used in the BRC collar and cgsng collars but simplified.




GPS data sent from an experimental collar circuit via radio to the experimental base station and PC, displayed in a table:


Experimental collar circuit, at this time only six leds were used. Bottom right is the GPS receiver module, next to that it's radio transmitter module, and slim upright board to left of that is it's radio receiver module:



Experimental base station in early stages of construction. Black box to right is the aerial box containing transmitter and receiver modules, taped tubes stick out of each side and support the wire aerials:


Base station lid, display:



mapping program, selecting maps 


mapping program, driving