Controller for a popular '808' camera and interfac. This is shelved for the moment

Created for fun only. Interface: opto-isolator control of the two buttons and output of the led signal, and power supply to the USB socket power pins. An 8-way 0.1" socket is fitted to the back of the 808, allowing easy fixing and interface in one operation. The USB power inputs allow the 808 to work in web-cam mode and keep the unit from switching off. Because of this photos can be taken and videos recorded without having to power the unit on. It does get warm though, so switching of the power input is required. Structure: a sat-nav holder and window fixing are used to hold an enclosure containing the electronics and rechargeable cells. A servo protrudes from the top and can rotate the circuit board the 808 plugs onto. Control is via tin-plated pads fitted to the enclosure. Controls: Left, Centre and Right servo pads, rather than a potentiometer which would require more attention from the driver; Photo pad, Sequential photo (and Stop) pad; Video Record (and Stop) pad; Adjust Left, Centre and Right pads, used with the Left and Right servo pads for adjusting the servo positions; Power (on and off) pad; Increment sequence interval pad, to take photos every 5, 15, 30, 60 seconds or 2, 5 or 10 minutes. Circuit: two microcontrollers, one operating the system and the other to control the servo, to keep the timing free of trouble.


Picture of the CAD for two different designs, lower left detail is one and wasn't big enough. The rest is an open design with two more boards to add, one of which is the control pads:




The camera unit with wires added, before a connector was fitted: