For animal welfare organisations only

Mechanism for a trap to catch (other) animals, for their benefit. 


Purely mechanical devices are slow, visible to the subject and require a force or noticeable change to operate them. This uses electrical conductivity to sense bait removal, and only passes around 5μA through the bait.


After switch-on there is a twenty second exit delay, comprising slow flashing of an LED for fifteen seconds and then five seconds of fast flashing. During the exit delay if the bait is removed the LED stays on. The unit does not use audio.


When armed, if the bait is taken two solenoids are energized immediately for two seconds. The solenoids would be holding up a sliding door, as an example. After the two seconds, the solenoids release and the LED flashes fast, until the power is switched off.


The unit is rain proof and the sensor is mounted in two pieces of MDF, untidily. The contacts are encased in sealant.




Video demo