Under construction, last updated 20.11.13:

1) Sounds are now to be from SD card and with 10 'drum kits' available at the press of keypad keys. They can be selected at any time and during playing of one drum via a touch-pad, another drum can be played with the next kit selected.

2) Digital volume controls to be part of the sound 'chains', rather than data words individually divided by volume data. This was the original plan and is the only way that can be fast enough.

Currently working on the sound quality of the recorded drums.  


10 pads, each with independent processor and 16-bit audio digital-to-analogue converter.

16 bit stereo, 44.1kHz, or 'CD quality'. 


Outputs will be: line, headphone, stereo speakers. The speakers amps will have a keyswitch to force the use of headphones. This isn't intended for sale at the moment.


The sounds are .wav files and will be organised via a simple PC program which formats their names for the drum machine to read correctly.


Different parts of the device are under test and some are fully tested.


This is a collage of snips of the individual circuits so far (THIS IS NOT UP TO DATE NOW: