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A Love Poem (part 2)

A doomed love affair

I'd hear only you, if in a crowd.

Every word clear, amid chaotic… amid peace.

  But to reach you I have to try,

  So hard this time for the bulls-eye

  That to be sure my aim is true…

  The further I might become from you.

Seeing you, through dense turbulent cloud…

My target. And one, only one arrow to release.

I etched your photo on a window

So you touch me in warm sunlight

  And in my day's toil, and when I roam,

  You're there, warming and colouring my home

  When I return... naked I collect and savour,

  From the walls and carpet... your potent flavour

Old and new, soaked in deep like a fresco

Return me to... you. For the night.

And I made you as a bar of soap!

- In your shape and sound

  Playing your voice until hard-gelled

  Waves fluttered through... your essence held

  For me to soak up your soft wax

  My flesh caressed, soothed by your soft cracks

I cover with you, and your ray of hope

Leaving the dirt and dissonance. I'm unbound.

I know when you're furthest, and nearest

Sure, though hazy... an ethereal sense

  A compass needle showing me where to go

  An indiscernible glow I feel and follow

  My journey begins, I see no impasse

  Only you. With some lingering vision of grass...

Faithful, blind pursuit... No, my dearest!

Your beacon blinded me. Ravine... after grass, after fence...

Back... back over there, the grass! Back then!

Not down there!... far too deep!

  Deep as... clarity... as the world is clear

  Unforgiving as the cliff is shear,

  down to boulders or bed of lake.

  Final nightmare now. I'll never wake.

Can't be this... let me start again

Or let me have dark. And peaceful sleep.