Special Deliveries

One portion of privilege


Nine…. to five….

Suits me like horse's shoes. But I'm still alive


Must be my summit! I've lived in sweat and a few tears

Sanity in doubt, nails chewed and hair pulled out,

Making someone(s) rich, thanking them for their cheers


Ohhhh… that skirt is seriously undersized!

There she goes…. it's Curvy Curly Shirley!

To the water machine…. and Mr Surly…. and burly.…

Not in the way…. oh…. (I'm one of the hypnotised)


It's a stay, and I've a clear line of sight….

Don't lose balance now…. hold the desk tight

And pretend Burly isn't there. Get to grips.


As I watch her the world drifts away

My work is somewhere else. On another day

Every movement captured. She chats and rests and sips


Back to the task. Which is…. that or that…. I think

Measuring…. that distance…. while having its drink

For some reason…. and I'll need a tape for those hips


Something here's appeared, under my mouse

An appointment for me at the high-security warehouse….


I shudder at the vision - the place where few have gone

Where the people are nameless and the stories…. are none

Not the quartering, drawing, I'll make do with the hung!

No, come on…. it can only be…. going up a rung!!!


What's that part…. and that bit where the wagons go?

What's in there that we make for fxxx's sake!

Here it's like, only Umpa Lumpas know.


Buzz, and wait. Stare back at the mirrored glass

My time is up, this is my photo, on my pass….

Click…. and before me the castle door unlocks

A thumbs-up and a wink, from passing…. Goldilocks!


Goldilocks from our office!…. I'd have never known

Here. Springing happily from the Umpa Lumpa zone!


With thanks… a voice says... I'm told it's your first wagon

Your damsel's waiting for you to slay the dragon!

Blue tag, pink was Goldilocks' and going out now.

And afterwards…. quiet of course. Don't cause a row.


My blue tag, on a handle on the trailer's back door

Repeated the word "thanks", and showed me the score….

I climbed in onto sand, sloping down like a seashore

Across the water, a scene to quieten any dragon's roar….

I stripped and dived, swirling the sand on the trailer floor

Lucky dragon, clearly…. no dragon to fight…. before….

My yearning damsel! Two pages, enough. Sorry, no more.