Limerick Limerick

The five lines of a limerick

Unless I'm a bit thick. . . .

To convey an idea

In this tiny space here,                                                                     

Difficult, that's an interesting trick


Hmmm. An interesting trick

A problem I'd like to lick. . . .

Think back to the times

I've thought of catchy rhymes

Then any moment it might just click


It's like scraping through rust

Twenty five lines. . . . this is a must

I've done better before,

Adding to hundreds. . . eight, nine or more

I cannot give in, I'll have this thing sussed


Sometimes lyrics sweep like a gust

And I write with fury, uninhibited lust

How can I do that?

And how long have I sat?

Life must have interest, in creativity I have to trust


Not much left of the candle wick. . . .

Shall I give my head a bash with a brick?

Not needed. . . . No!

Only a few lines to go!

Sussed!  Thank fxxk for that! I was worried sick!