Life's About....

Is it time for a new meaning?

We didn't do well, unsurprisingly so!

All checked, all present, but nothing to show!

If it wasn't for, this here... Mr Dewey

By now we'd be totally screwy!

Not the first time it's been asked...

Those who wrote volumes, similarly tasked...

Writing fewer books, then words... their eventual reply -

Maddeningly... "We're Born, We Suffer, We Die."

- Don't tell me "Forty-Two", you've worked that out...

I mean pedestalled, gilded... "...Life's About......"

You say, you've been through the whole damn lot...

Speed-reading super-humans?... yet missed every shot.

- OK, We skipped computers, all technology and the like

Religion I suppose, languages, most literature took a hike

Not Philosophy, psychology... we'd almost had enough!

And social, not 'other' science or any of that stuff!

We went for the jugular, the real saying itself!!!!

A spirit visitation, invocation of the imp, the elf!!!!!

Listened, hypnotised each other, prized out any clue

To distil the essence. Tame it! Break it and subdue!!!!

But maybe this is the answer, it means nothing at all.

And if we ask - this misery. It should be our downfall.

But we had one inkling, with a real killer sting....

If the meaning is... if you count... everything.