Positive Feedback

Act of nature


A 'lovely cup of tea`

Is rested on someone's knee

The knee's owner is a masochist, or dim

And the hot tea is dreaming about the rim


The cup warms, and hots, then singes

The knee in turn, squirms and twinges

Wasn't really enough room for the milk, oh dear. . .

The cup spares a trickle, a tea weir


Panic attack for the knee. The owner wises up

A lucky movement needed to steady the offending cup

Split-second timing, but too out of practice to save. . . .

The drink, and the knee from a scorching wave


Beyond control now, the tea wins more and more

Slimy throats and relaxed drinkers. . . . Ha!

Agony, ruined trousers. . . . Give me war!

The owner flails, howling in despair  - a hopeless beseech. .

To the scourging tea,

blistering everywhere, anyone in reach