PIC 10-18 Files Generator

Very fast creation and copying of project files to project folder.

Preview options, choose chip, linker and some basic options. Program then creates template .asm(s) and copies the linker, summary of configurations and all relevant pin-out pictures to the project file. Can be done in less than ten seconds. Use also in a separate folder for quickly generating code such as A-D conversion, or LCD.

Chips can be added by following the format used and files such as for A-D, serial and so on, then altering those code files internally and the filenames. When next opening, the program will now include those chips.

Subroutines and variables can be in separate files. Two extra .asm files can be created and named, all referenced.

Originally the .pdf datasheets and linker files need to be placed in a folder as described in the instructions. Pin-out drawings are supplied, if additional ones are needed, just follow the naming format and place in pictures folder.

Instructions provided as a Windows application.


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