Socialist Workings                 (1994)


'A good society would be controlled by the workers` - the left wing says

But surely . . . .

Change won't last, "human nature is to blame"

After a while faults will just be the same

Won't the new organisers gorge themselves,

when the reform spirit decays?


I've got it sussed, a straight ruling plight

The leaders must be realistic, and not tower from a height

Of underlying power, and reputation

They must be forced into co-operation

Out of shiftiness, and into our situation


A percentage of us are sure to die. . . .

Every year from crime, mishaps

Suicide or life's neglect traps

Or by nature. (And some of them too, by and by)


We'd give our lives for the country, out of fear

And intelligence - we don't want mass murderers here

But life's back to that rat-race, look what we've escaped. . .

Forever of fear, poverty, cruelty, women raped


The idea of mine, we make a dead line

Below a threshold, the elected worst carefully tried

Guilty? Into a vat of oil, until fried

Strained and chipped, but not eaten!

Just well and truly beaten

(Rings a bell. . . . of a medieval hell)

Then laid as bricks, we'll see if they reach their VIP height

We'll see how much they were shyte


They'd be compelled to use

Instead of governing exploitation abuse

And would be giving their lives for us

Well, why not?   'Becus' ?


The level of smile, the average would rise

Worth would be here. . . .

A future with less fear. . . .

The ones on the brink could look up and dry their eyes.


Lives would be saved for the sacrifice of a delinquent few

Who after the new trial still make people spew


Control, where it's crucially needed

And eye-wool removed

It will at long last be proved. . . .

The world's poisonous growths can truly be weeded.