Temporarily Mine

An experience with a famous Dali sculpture, and possessing and occupying

I didn't want to touch it, the statue. No one should.

As I approached, a feeling - a barrier, unseen yet understood

And without her consent, no. Though it was clear anyone could.

Venus alone in a room. Looking smaller than in her photo

But real, full of power and with a wondrous glow

To be admired and adored. Somehow, only a model in a show

No landscape or sky. No crowds, no bustling swirling tornado

Unprotected. A spirit, an awareness against any will or blow.

Her purpose, briefly, her intent - all she was to know...

Possessed me, and mine her. Inseparable, uninterrupted in Time's flow.

Mine ended, all that I took. When I left she didn't follow.

I left the exhibition through the shop. Memorabilia in boxes in glitter

Limited edition copies, prints. Prices. I looked away feeling bitter

Someone in a doorway outside, occupied their space with smoke and litter.