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The video dialogue is not precisely the same as this text. One day a new set of videos will be created, and for those in the know, that will be sooner than the cargo of lemon-soaked paper napkins.


The work is included in the book "It Means What It Says - Trying To Understand THE PRISONER" ISBN 978-1522000020, E. Fordham, S. Matt, P. Dunn et. al and other places.

This work is a fictional sequence of events set in the making of the 1960's TV series The Prisoner, filmed at the Welsh coastal resort Portmeirion. The numbers of the characters are coincidental to any which may have been used, in particular #73 in my work is removed from the story before #73 is used as a description on a gravestone in the TV series. The only views expressed are my own or of my own devising.

Chris Gray June 2016


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Animated dialogue of the poem, part 1 of 7 

Animated dialogue of the poem, part 2 of 7  

Animated dialogue of the poem, part 3 of 7

Animated dialogue of the poem, part 4 of 7

Animated dialogue of the poem, part 5 of 7

Animated dialogue of the poem, part 6 of 7

Animated dialogue of the poem, part 7 of 7  


The text-to-speech adds emphasis in various places, sometimes this is great, sometimes it is not. There are some that I did not want it to use. I created the spoken dialogues with the free program Sweet-Talk-Suite, from            

Villagers (Strangely at Rhyme)


#72 Well, what do you all think so far?

#73 Delightful. It's beautiful and bizarre.

#74 The place itself... is gonna be a star.


#77 It's heaven, our real world's gone bye bye. 

         I don't think we'll need any more high...

         We'd be going higher than the sky.


#76 I'll be counting and dreaming multi-coloured sheep

         I'll wake, pull back the curtain for a peep,

         Think of funny farms and hurry back to sleep!


#78 Every bit of the place's been thought about,

         Every stone, like it's indoors, not out. A shrine.

         Made by the artistically devout.


          And I didn't see one bit of litter.

#75 The hero's like James Bond - loads of glitter,

           But can't bear the place! They're always bitter.


#72 Bitter - at the end of a rainbow...!

         But when you see the mock-ups at the studio...

         Some hellish stuff in the story. We'll see tomorrow.


#72 If you aren't, wake up Numbers 73 to 78!

         The funny farm's outside and on with the day's fête.

         Rainbow clothes on, time to get into ornate state.

#77 In my dream... I was a multi-coloured ape

         In a multi-coloured tree of the strangest shape...

         I'm starting to feel why he wants to escape!


#78 In the story, the highest price...

         Is for freedom. And even this paradise,

         - We see is something he'd always sacrifice.


#74 I don't think I'd ride that Penny Farthing bike...

         High enough to attract a lightning strike.

         What was the inventor's mind like?


#72 No talking or thinking now... wash that brain!

         Out here remember... no wonder, no complain.

         Be seeing you all later! Meet at the ship again.



#77 Does #6 get to pop that 'Rover' balloon?

#72 It's indestructible. Not even with that harpoon.

         But I didn't know it was in action this soon...


          They're building in mystery and fear from the start.

         And total control. Showing villagers without heart.

         6 needs out. It's shown he feels a world apart.


#74 Introducing robots or clones, so it looks.

#75 Yes undermining all hope, by all hooks and crooks.

         All new and unreal. Rewriting all the books...


#72 The chess player's in every other episode.

#77 Is this ship... by any chance torpedoed?

         - Nah.. it's not Yank drama, it won't all explode!


#78 Imaginations are going. We should note it all.

#76 Infectious, a sort of wake-up call...

         If we're ever hypnotised... What a ball!


#75 Anyone said their name yet?

         Don't! And let's begin now... a cash pool or bet...

         It'll reveal more, something, the further we get.


#77 What do you mean, like a mental test?

#75 Open minded ramble, not a goal or quest.

         Might even show... if names or numbers are best!

#78 Stereotypes, impressions, for 'East and West'?

         A name is deep, identifying, what we suggest.

         It ties or deflects us, and shapes what we digest.



#77 The politics... can't peace have one chance?

         We're in this place, and where's the romance?

#72 Don't lose the plot, the dance... fall into a trance!


#74 What happened to #75? There, and then not...

#72 I popped a Rover! Telescope mirrors, got it red hot!

         Didn't roar or anything! Ha! A bit too hot to trot!


         Very undramatic. It didn't go with a bang.

#73 Yes where is 75? Gone to another gang?

#72 Rover's revenge... he fell prey to another one's fang.


#77 The women so far... today's wasn't so gleaming.

#72 An 'Iron Curtain' one... politics are a-scheming!

         Heat shields... maybe. Rover's gently steaming.


#74 Sometimes a balloon just doesn't float my boat!

         It can do pretty well, up to space it can float,

         Back to heat shields. Pick up again on that note.


#78 All extremes are in this business, really every sort

         Get a good act and they're easy sport.

         Get your act right and they're always in your court.


#76 The industry attracts them. They try their luck.

         And some just like us, can only get firmly stuck.

         Some get to make that quick million-buck.


#72 There's one that follows him, smiling, everywhere.

         And when he's dropped all his guard, to his despair...

         She slaps him crazy and kills the promising affair.


#77 You shouldn't spoil it, we know what to expect...

         Take away the surprise and take away the effect...

#72 This isn't normally though, it will deaden... disaffect.


#73 Mmmm. We're not so much zombies, a bit in between...

         - Safe zombies... without the flesh-eating gene#74

         - Fairground figures staring out at the unseen.


#78 Is it all safe here? We might need a de-brief...

         Or counselling, or distracting from the mischief.

         We might want to turn over, or break off this leaf!


#73 They've brought in mind control, using science and drugs

         Surveillance scrutiny from video cameras and bugs.

         And hints of terrible punishment... from approved thugs.


#76 Even the ones in charge all seem broken,

         Controlling their staff with threats, barely spoken...

         Maybe Rover, or something worse will be woken...


#77 It killed in the first one, and then saved a life...

         The swimmer, with another so maybe it has a wife...

#72 Escape! Rover grounded by his Trouble and Strife...



#74 Yes... in that one he did get a hell of a shock.

         Suddenly king, straight from the dock...

#73 I felt silliest yet... in that campaigning flock.

#72 And he gave away his soul in the process

         - Every time, in the words of his public address,

         He lost himself and donated to their success.


#74 He should have seen through it - a simple trick...

         But he's vulnerable like us all, and a bit thick.

         So it's good, he's made his character realistic.


#73 Done for the day, so I'm off for a nice stroll.

         I'll miss out on the night's levitation, and Rock 'n' Roll.

#76 Watch the tides and sandbank or you'll be a lost soul.


#77 What about the castle... is that off our limits?

#76 Not tackled yet by... he's not yet made it the Ritz.

         Clough W.E. Architect. Magician. No the castle's in bits.


         He owns the place as well. And he's not on coke!

         All who could have got it without going broke...

#78 I'm more convinced... money does nowt for folk.

         It waited to be rekindled, rebuilt, given a stoke...

         Just someone who'd awoke. Good on the bloke!

#74 Hey... I think they've decided to make us a joke...


         #73 went out, but he's taken all his stuff...

#76 Gone home as well? They can't go off in a huff...

A scheme I reckon, psychology. He hadn't had enough...


#78 What else is there... anything else look suspicious?

#74 Uhh... well apart from the unreality, and the vicious...

         Yes - we're background. It's suspiciously over-ambitious!

#76 Keeping up the spirit... making us superstitious?

#77 Maybe something's coming up, extra-malicious...

         Gotta be. No harm is there? That they'd wish us?


#78 Hey hey hey hey hey! No telepathy please!

         The hero accepts... but with science he disagrees!

         Come on hero, don't kick us in the teeth.... Jeez...!


#76 Have to agree, with him on this!

         When you've seen results that you can't dismiss...

#78 Results? Are you taking the piss?


#72 No he's not. But what he says is as good as bent!

         'Cos if you keep on testing, without relent...

         Random makes great patterns and... a hundred percent.


         Contact 75 and 73 if you believe that crap!

         Close you eyes... and don't take a nap...

         Speak to their minds, open that mental tap....


#76 We can't all do it, and not at a command!

         It is a natural event, has to be unplanned!

#78 And you phone them 72. Until then, all keep it canned.


         A hot topic all round! And the overnight moustache?

#74 'Wasn't overnight!  Go easier on the hash!

#77 Don't pass him the script! This one's gonna be a bash.


#78 So they forced him to comply again, with his place

         Had to loudly and proudly swear the disgrace...

         Anyone would end up a complete nutcase.


#77 I'd stay here, with my number and no name,

         Like I'm in a beautiful picture in a posh frame.

         If we'd reject this, we should feel shame...


#78 Is it... promotion of the usual politics?

         - If this place isn't good enough for Number Six...

         So the real world... is OK? Are we missing tricks?


         Because our politicians usher in a real hustle...

         'Freedom', and that Commies are hustle, bustle, tussle.

         But they waste us - Commies have got the muscle.


#74 Has this put freedom right here, on the table...?

         - A frivolous concept, dangerous, an unrealistic fable?

         We don't give it either, not much when we're able.


#72 It's nothing without resources, opportunity, a plan.

         Adam Smith economics is bad for the barbarian.

#78 Right. Pun also! - right wing brings on the clergyman.


#76 This setup does show off good morals

         - There's been no staged rampant quarrels,

         Except from 6. And those roaring, inflatable corals...


#72 The title suggests he, out of all the rest - is alone.

         Is he deluded, so different like a king overthrown?

         Or is it mockery, implied, that everyone is a clone?



#74 Speed learning - does anyone think that's tosh?

         But a three minute degree... no... a bit of a squash!

         Gotta have some use. Even if it is just brainwash.


#78 They said it was slavery, sort of. It's dictated.

         Unthought, unfelt. When lies are deeply penetrated...

         - With trust and... what monsters could be created?


#72 75 and 73 left. Short contract they were on.

         I couldn't phone, but they said they and others had gone.

#76 The flippin... creepy gets! Didn't tell anyone!


#72 Last stints at the studios. Still a bad sign.

#77 In character I suppose, I didn't think they'd resign.

#76 And my dreams have mimicked this storyline!


#77 I reckon you're next #72, to disappear!

#72 Maybe... You could get another overseer.

         That would be telling. Though the next is in here!


         Sunny it looks, for our longest break hitherto...

         But we'll miss... Gypsy Girl - in our red and blue.

         Take care and... won't be seeing all of you!


#74 Oh, do gypsies help him escape?

#72 No, just a few moments to put him in shape.

         That bit's England, rural. A lot is seascape.




#72 The Gypsy Girl... for no one. Let's not blaspheme..!

         Countach! She came to the world from a dream.

         The heat shields fellas, wouldn't stop a laser beam!


         They contrasted the setting and what she wore...

         And a village skirt, so viewers come back for more?

         Or to make clear, an actress is what to take her for?


         Anyway, she isn't back... Medication for heartache...

         Though we should die inside fellas... or it'll look fake!

         So, keep up the spirit. We did get a nice break.


#76 72 I'm sure you're a paid masochist.

         Or maybe our secret sadist hypnotist...

         Did they net you in a full moon sea mist...?


#77 Yeah... this is like horror, but you thrive!

         Did you really... dispose of 73 and 75?

#72 Yes pals! They were skinned and boiled alive!


#74 But we're all back, except the skinned and boiled.

         Were you joking, or was some sordid plot foiled?

#72 Yep - Lighthouse stairs with a giant serpent, coiled.


#78 As long as it isn't waiting on our stairs.

         Anyway, a couple of scenes today for spares,

         - And after, how about The Grotto and beach chairs?



#77 Is this the famous Grotto then?

         This to me is natural, not a sculpted den

#74 Cool and a perfect view. Ten out of ten!

         If I was Buddhist, I'd call it Zen...

         If a Christian, I'd be saying... Amen.

#77 Hold those thoughts while I get a pen..!


#72 Yes write them down, they're about to shatter...

         - Photo taken during a boating regatta...

         And each time witnessed... it's got fatter!


#74 Well... definitely too big for an eel,

         And not the shape of an upturned boat keel...

         No one's looking at it! This photo's not real.


#72 Too fast, and last photo. They were nearly crying!

#78 And of course, there was no denying... 

         'They wouldn't lie'. Yes #72, we're all buying!


#72 I've noticed you've all started looking!

         One photo... but is the possibility, hooking?

         You're not sure! We're definitely cooking...


#74 Tail end of that land, that peninsula.

         Sand, contours... like those exposed, etcetera

#72 Rotated against the flow? Strange phenomena...

         - See the photos and don't try to join Mensa!

#74 One X plus zero X equals... Don't compete in algebra!

#72 Oh did I say there were no other photos... Voilà.


#74 Jump off a cliff. Jump out that opening, fraud!

         But we have to give you that, have to applaud

         And yes, we'll have to find you a suitable award.


#78 Did we all enjoy the carnival and the prep?

#77 I think the best part was the ten-minute... pep!

         More than the merry-go-round-the-pond in step.


#76 Nice day for it though, but felt like a dip

         - Would have gone well with the pleasure trip.

         Or to break the mould... if we'd all decided to strip!


#74 Good idea for when we next soberly assemble...

         Neatly, more petrified than the buildings we resemble.

#78 Anywhere else, the thought would make me tremble.


         Back to strange... some of this is wacky baccy inspired

         2nd half, or after us lot were retired.

#76 If this was smoked everyone would have expired.


#77 A new, flirty maid. Threw herself at his feet!

         I'd fall for her. With her. Don't care how indiscrete...

         - Even if there was a camera under the sheet.


#78 They used this place today for a shoot.

#72 Yeah, he was up on here in an evening suit.

         And they put on ancient garb... to prosecute.


#74 You're missing tricks, that led to that sentence of death.

         And it reminded me of scenes from Macbeth.

         Either clever, or the crew has been guzzling meth.


#77 Is the death sentence to do with that black cat?

#76 Dunno, is it supposed to be good or bad luck that?

#72 Sea snakes... no. But happy with this sort of chat?


#78 Can't fathom this... how he escapes execution...

#74 I can't, ongoing blackmail or persecution,

         And I think the jury goes to a mental institution!



#76 There's no one from another gang gone missing,

         So the possibility, that we shouldn't be dismissing,

         Is that 72's sea serpent is very much alive and hissing...


#72 They're just keeping quiet about it. Just a bit paranoid.

         Like us, embarrassed and annoyed.

         And as prescribed also - they're turning schizoid!


#74 Busiest yet? Got through... how many drinks?

#76 I saw eyes trying to close for a hundred and forty winks.

#74 I bet everyone in the whole place stinks.


#77 Busy yes. A fun one also, or it's becoming.

#78 I reckon so, in between spells of twiddle-thumbing.

#72 No not one bit. I'm finding it mind-numbing.


         And I don't like chess. It's over-rated, for the mind.

#77 Chess is the greatest game invented by mankind!

#72 Poe said that Whist, was it? That leaves it miles behind.

         Poe led writers to fortune and fame, who were blind...

         Verne, Doyle, loads of them became enshrined.

         Chess is for the memory, and I bet - keeps it entwined.

#76 Well Number 72, that's quite a revelation...

         Top players would sentence you to an amputation...

         With a meat cleaver if you're lucky... for the castration!


#74 #6 isn't castrated is he? He's almost celibate...

         - She's almost branded with "you + me = smut!"

         Totally open, available, nice... and him? Totally shut!


#78 He doesn't trust her for his latest escape attempt.

         He's looking for a technical brain, to tempt.

         - And her love, seems hypnotised or vividly dreamt.


#74 I'm sure I saw that creature near the lighthouse...

#76 You what, the serpent? Oh... in joins the Scouse...

         Another one who's watched too much Mickey Mouse.


#74 Says... a Yorkshireman. With his 'Don't be a Friend!'

         With the all-take and no-give condescend...

         - Be a crook or baby... where Yorkshirethink must end.

#76 The saying? No, it only declares... 'Hey... don't depend'

#74 Crook or baby. Your great thinkers need to amend...

         - Deep down secret decisions, it gets used to defend.


         Can't see it now. Looked like one of them snakes.

         Totally unexpected, out there where the tide breaks.

#72 Calm the county-hate or we'll all have headaches.



#74 Quiet day for us now, 'seems it's all eyes to the waves!

#76 Beyond the lighthouse you know, there are caves...

         And the tide's out... so... he who braves...


#77 From the lighthouse the water will be clearer.

#78 For the cave lairs 77, we need to be a bit nearer.

#74 Worried you'll be the next disappearer?


#78 They're filming the beach around eleven,

         And the ship also, so when it feeds on #77...

         In episode 10... his ghost going up to heaven!


#72 We'll have to watch we're not in the way,

         Scenes everywhere, from the woods to the bay.

         New faces involved, no more for us again today.

         They've devised, a dueling game the aggrieved play.

         And he gets Number 2 to sack himself, total disarray!

         Vendetta for killing someone, and makes him pay.


#74 Are any of us going to be doing any speaking?

#72 The last one I think, has lots of laughter and shrieking!

         Otherwise, only be more parading, walking or sneaking.


#76 What is this creature going to leave as clues?

#78 Could be some eggs, or old skin coloured like tattoos.

         Tattered clothes, especially snakeskin jackets and shoes.


#76 Has there ever been a recorded or possible kill?

#72 Don't think so. But if it gets bigger it probably will...

#74 Look at us prats wading about, we'll get a proper chill.


#78 A proper chill... that's how The Famous Five sound!

#74 In Five go off with a Sea Monster they were found...

Wasn't published like... found trapped and drowned.


#77 Weed's kicking in now - the seaweed's looking good!

#72 Let's head back. Forget the seaweed and mushy wood.

#76 They're getting ready for filming now so we should.



#77 I've met a few today who know of the beast!

         Some joke it's being farmed, bred to feast...

         On flesh. To be a weapon in the Far East.


#78 Oh, America's vision... achingly persists.

         Politically cleansing, wiping out Communists.

         Cambodia... currently top of their stomping lists.


#74 Will they finish, and stop Russia's moon landing?

         Or will Russia cop out, backhanders for disbanding?

         Otherwise no one'll see Capitalism as upstanding!


#76 NASA might get there first... Reputation un-tarred!

#74 As the U.S. holds competitors in the highest dis-regard,

         - Once again... Capitalism's trying to work less hard.


#76 Still our #6 does nothing for a job...

         If he wasn't so confident I'd think him a slob.

         A charisma that... is he the ladies perfect heart throb?


#77 That guy is I bet, the latest #2 successor.

         He's in Where Eagles Dare... very smooth... oppressor!

         Formidable. If anyone can make #6 a confessor... 


#72 Not seen her about, this lady friend, the blonde...

         Sizzler. She's the fifth brought by magic wand.

         No sign of her now. Gone back to... beyond.


#74 Switching off that lamp... has he done his first dish?

#77 Plenty of others flaunt at him... all available fish,

         I couldn't act dead... having everything I wish!


#78 At the top in real life? Is it how he really feels?

         Few see life as a game, the rest pick from what it deals.

         This TV series could be his latest set of wheels.


         I don't mean literally. In a philosophical sense...

         The venture's something to help him dispense,

         'The Prisoner'. Is his part really not pretence?


#72 That's a possibility. And that we just see as style.

         Genuine guy. Even with only a sly or hidden smile...

         - More human than Bond by a mile.


#74 Bond's Britain's biggest brat... partly masquerading.

         We let him hold the light that he's shading.

         The insult, mockery he's internationally parading...

         Seduction, the whole show is persuading,

         Bloats us. And while our reality is fading,

         He trashes us, brands us. Tabloid-like degrading.



#72 #76's out at the cave as bait. As a self-appointee!

         He thinks he can reel in our... absentee...

#78 He must be on LSD. If he is, this'll be RIP...

         He'll be either trapped or washed out to sea!

         Drugs bring out the idiot. Seriously, has he?

#72 Course not! But he's the latest... to leave the marquee.


         Cleared his locker, cupboard and berth.

         It's something... for what it's worth,

         - At least two of us are still fully on planet Earth!


#78 Could think of it... as a sort of decanting!

         And less of us coughing tonight, from that chanting.

#72 First speaking parts, like lunatics ranting!


#78 Lot of lunacy in this one, in every neck of the woods.

         Some hypnosis... and they've dredged their childhoods

         - It seems, for all their lost, damaged goods!


#72 That court of clowns will be back again later.

         And of course, we've a new Number 2 dictator...

#78 Because the last, was ready to leave a crater.


#72 And the umbrellas-beating of #6... a few excited girls!

         - Is that how the Summer of Love unfurls..?

#78 Some of them found themselves doing twirls...


#72 Did you hear about Che Guevara... executed?

#78 I did. More and more of the good, diluted.

         Thirteenth this decade - great voice muted.


#72 The West won't like China getting the H-bomb...

#78 Nope. Another long-lasting, trouble-making sitcom.

         Every opportunity for an international pogrom.


#72 On the plus side, we got the World Cup!

         Getting a role in this, in colour... and cool lineup

#78 Everywhere's in colour. Lot of things waking up...


#72 Yeah... the football world cup, got there at last!

         Among the champions, up from the downcast.

         We'll make the small-league a thing of the past.


#78 But the gloomier side is easier to master!

         - Example... When's Japan's next aircraft disaster?

         Safety... does it make good times go faster?



#78 Hi guys. I gather 76 did the disappearing act...

#74 Made a pact, carried out with the prescribed tact...

         Or our unseen friend has once again attacked.


#72 How are we all feeling about the er... numbering?

         Is your name bursting out or peacefully slumbering?

 #74 When we're done, I'm recording my... disencumbering!


#77 Feels awkward still, claustrophobic. But still going.

#72 Some dropped out who did it, said it was mind-blowing.

         And, others agree there's something for the knowing...


#78 Still then, we haven't had any definite synopsis.

         At worst - a name, a memory, could trigger neurosis...

         At best - make easy cheating. But purity is in the basis...


         - Of freedom. Freedom is declared essential to maturity,

         Freedom may have a place on a pedestal, but for surety,

         Names don't, if for good or bad - they mess up purity.


#77 Yes, freedom essentially includes being unaffected.

         But a number instead of a name, feels a bit injected

         Unless used to it, it feels... coldly disconnected.

#74 And numbers would have to be carefully selected,

         Otherwise ones like '...666...' might be disrespected...

         Not very free. They'd end up being very misdirected!


#77 I'm going to remember mine forever.

         The indelible impression will never go, never,

         So I'll sue #72 for damages for his endeavour!


#72 We're done for this episode. I'm off into town.

#78 I signed my number on a cheque, like a clown!

         - I'll try again this time, and no multi-coloured gown.




#78 His employer... couldn't have had more evil ways... '

         You'll be suitably rewarded' that big-wig says...

         After a mind transplant! Who wouldn't leave in a blaze?

#72 Dictation in the real world... carried out by ourselves

         But the seeds are planted as if by elves.

         Production lines and then back onto our shelves...


         The nuclear family... set of unlike peas in pod

         God's really a muscle... gotta be the cheekiest sod.

         Politics are in with that, all part of the same squad.


#78 Things are rougher than that rocky outcrop.

         How about going to the chip shop,

         And grabbing a nice feast to eat at the top?


#72 Spot on. Fabulous day for sight-seeing

         - The mountains and woods. For the mind's freeing!

         A person needs to look, at least. It's part of our being.


#78 Which buildings do we look like the most?

#72 Salutation I reckon, where 77 reckons there's a ghost.

#78 I don't know their names, not been that engrossed...


#72 Gatehouse, or Lady's Lodge next to Patrick M.

         Fountain, where Noël Coward wrote a gem...

#78 No, I don't know the names of them!


         Dressed for colour TV though, we'll look spectacular.

         Just like the Village, anything but vernacular.

         We've got as much red as a film about Dracula!


#72 Luxury in our hands, and then it damn well rains...

         Clouds darkening fast, we can't see those plains.

#78 Better go back down, with what daylight remains.


#74 I've begun thinking of nature as a sandy beach...

         And wildlife, as a crow's call or gull's screech.

         These sprawling brambles... have me in reach.


         Advancing, everything is, until meet one another,

         And a bargain is made - one, or the other,

         Or both. Or we make our mark - uproot or smother.


#72 Taking observations to the more man-made...

         This Wild West scene, here... seems a downgrade.

         Almost like there needs to be a brutal serenade!

#74 You've been got there, by Hollywood's crusade.

         Sat yourself in front of the TV and overstayed!

         The world around you, seems in the shade.


#72 This episode mimics the main prison events

         - Plight of #6, the main roles and their intents.

         Like with Shakespeare plays, transplantable contents.


#77 I don't know who the dude is, like a statue or toy.

         Reminds me of Harpo Marx, mute naughty boy.

#74 Acts the automaton, controlled. And loves to destroy.


         6 sounds very different, not often heard him speak.

#77 In this film setting the educated normally look weak.

         And he seems to have his usual mystique.


#78 Last scenes this time, another easy stint.

         Merry-go-round mainly, while he has a squint.

         - How much support is there for a naturist sprint?


#72 Not enough... ha! Not for that sort of chaff.

#78 It's a serious statement, or act. It is not for a laugh.

         It is by positive, intelligent people. Not by riff-raff.


#72 Do it soon 78, I think you've only a few more scenes.

#77 I think the place suits flesh more than tee-shits and jeans.

         Or than village uniforms as if we're clothed figurines.


#74 What's the story for this one, anyone had a look?

#78 In this he's as daft as Bond. Too comic-book...

         Assassin-ess and a Napoleon-dressed master crook.


         Napoleon, once again made to look a fool.

         He made Brunel's father's.... type of school...

         More than once, have the French made us cool.


         Most of it's a female villain. A total psychopath.

         Who spends her life dealing out high-tech wrath,

         In view of everyone... who can't do any math.


#72 Assassin-ess... one of the cleverest killers,

         Was a woman, one of that trade's pillars.

         Wrote a textbook. Is amongst the most banned... thrillers.


#77 That's right, for fifty years very hard to acquire.#

#72 Say 'evil woman' fifty from now, you'll be called a liar,

         But they'll be made and available for hire!


#74 The squeeze is on, deeper trenches are being dug.

         In-the-know and corrupt versus blind and smug,

         Hypocritically trapped. We'll all get the mind of a thug.


#78 Anyway, next episode's when it gets real crazy.

         Nursery rhymes, domination, hypnosis. Very hazy.

#77 How about we go pack some stuff, go and get lazy?


#72 These last scenes will go quick... nearly all studio work,

         We may still be needed there, it's all complex and berserk.

         So have your party but not too much, don't shirk.


#72 You and me 78, are the last fully alert.

         It might still be of use at this stage, to disconcert,

         - I think they're not expecting you to desert.

         So until later... time for you to divert!

#78 OK 72 I'm in. And time for Number 78 to bite the dirt...

#72 Take that jacket with you, and that underskirt.


#78 I've got someone in the final parade and racket,

         When the helicopter films... waving this jacket!

         - Sentimental, I know it won't be worth any packet.


#77 All about done. I'm going to get such a stoning!

#74 Nowt left important, 72 can do his moaning,

         Watchtower unlocked... Let's think about rezoning!


#77 Yes, on this final studio stuff I'll have to pass...

         I'd forget my lines, many thanks to this grass!

         And, the script looks... we've got the rest of the ass!


         He trashes a secret base, becomes a total vandal.

         Oooh... some of this is too heavy to handle.

#74 Don't use the light later, just light a candle...


         Don't want to be called up now, before the home run.

         Got everything. Torches in reach, and we're done.

         Let's get bombed to bits and wake in the afternoon sun.


#77 That Dem Bones and a Beatles hit are in the ending.

         From the secret base, deep, a catastrophe begins ascending,

         Finally back to the real world. It all starts blending.


         Rover scurries off into a geyser, is that back to hell?

         The automaton, dwarf, #6 and 2 say their farewell,

         In a living room, on a trailer. Couldn't be an easier sell!


#74 In fashion. I reckon they have to use the studio spaces,

         - To isolate the finale. Where they play the darkest aces.

#77 I think The Beatles boss stays in one of these places...


#74 They tell 6 in the court, he's qualified to be re-named.

         And, 'the only individual', 'to lead them' he's claimed.

         But once again it's an illusion, instead he's defamed.


         They escape Hollywood style, don't know if anyone dies.

         The Villagers escape, and then there's Rover's demise.

         Plenty of detail. The whole of this last script is surprise.


         I think this Harpo bloke is a role model in the making.

         Patrick illuminates him, as someone who's just waking,

         Addresses him as if the ground under him is quaking.


         If that's a version of masculinity,

         With corresponding versions of femininity...

         Bad trips. Conflict... on into infinity?


         This is good weed. I've read all the pages in clarity.

         I have my head round all the intended... angularity.

         And where it is, I perfectly interpret the jocularity.


#77 Jocularity? Well I've taken root. I'm in three dimensions,

         But my mind's in various other extensions.

         And body has no detectable further intentions.


#74 Not the best idea, falling asleep on tiles.

         With pillows of... rags on top of... document files!

         #72's going to rant we're juveniles.


#77 I find that sometimes, 72 badly hurts.

         Like this floor. One of them 'progress' converts.

         He thinks we're nothing but squirts.


#74 Three hours before the final scene starts.

         Go out to play... our last partying parts,

         Strolling about like visual pop-arts.


#77 Sounds like they're doing some sound testing.

#74 Or rehearsal... everyone seems to be congesting...

         Look... anywhere else... police would be arresting.


#77 What was that? Stone thrown at the rail?

         ...Guess who... and he hasn't brought any ginger ale.

         Has he been shot? Looks dead pale...


         Seen us. Why's he standing there signing?

#74 Keep the window closed, don't wanna hear him whining.

#77 Come to join us, showing us some water divining?


         Errrhh! It's got in...!

         That thing is here, it's genuine!

#74 Keep quiet, don't even drop a pin...

         We won't hear its skin...

         Listen... can you hear it in the kitchen?

#77 No. If we try to race it... not gonna win...

         Maybe we can set fire to gin...

#74 Not a blaze. Is the warning lamp paraffin?

#77 Electric. And no bulb. Is this our coffin...?

         Sharpen this for a javelin?

#74 The files are empty, so is the bin.

#77 Where's the screechy Psycho violin?


#74 Who's that, someone yelling?

#77 72 we don't need our fortune telling...

         He's stood down there like someone selling...


#72 I'm off for help! It's trapped, this door's closed!#

#77 You mean... see if the army's indisposed?

         Builders... we'll jump, you get it bulldozed!


         We won't smash this. Got to keep calm...

#74 Even if they could hear - no fire alarm!

         Don't suppose there's any napalm?


         Sound in the kitchen... I heard it...

#77 Yes. Want to go down the stairs, a bit?

#74 OK... I'll go in socks in case of grit...


         Back in! Back! Back or we're dead!

         It's on the stairs! I saw it's head!

         Get it closed! Wedged! We've got a fight ahead...

         Tail in kitchen... It must be dinosaur-bred!

#77 Surprised it maybe, or it's already fed...

#74 Wow... My legs were as heavy as lead!


#77 Tip this under the door... get it drunk...

         Give it the rest of the skunk...

         Yes give it the whole chunk!


         No! You watch out! You take heed!

         No place here for your foul breed!

#74 Won't light. May as well have peed...

#77 Do that then! Both of us... feel the need!

         Or we're gonna bleed...

#74 Hey we're not much, not worth this for a feed...


         That snake's deep enough for all our gang. Deeper.

         - The Grim Swallower. Ours is no Reaper.

#72 Don't make it harder! Give in, I am The Keeper!


         I am collecting you. I am the sacred ward.

         Your numbers are up. Come to The Lord

         You will suffer more if she is ignored

         You will submit yourselves as reward...

         Each surrender, fall on your sword.

         The Lord is served. Your lives are abhorred.


#77 But who the... Why don't you let us live?

#72 You are proving uncooperative.

         This The Lord will not forgive

         The Lord has no mercy on the fugitive

         And relishes a kill most destructive!

         You may kneel to drink up your sedative.


#72 Not joining the party boys?

         Or are you lot the hardcore... playboys?

         Still alive in there? Come on, make some noise!


         What happened, have you been assailed?

#74 72... Trying to... well you failed!

         But you're going to... your head's gonna be impaled.


#72 'Owt can 'appen I suppose, but you passed!

         Sort of! Maybe... lower first classed.

         I apologise, you were pretty well harassed!


#77 You made us pee - which you should have sniffed.

         So you're cleaning up. While we watch. Shift!

         And what's the serpent? Is that your parting gift?


#72 It's on loan from a mate. It's not yet served...

         Made this summer. Hasn't properly unnerved!

#77 Hasn't stayed clean! I think that's deserved.


#72 Controller, and a head, tail and a middle section.

         Still a few niggles but almost got it to perfection.

         Convincing in photos, and ably showed you affection!


#78 The door didn't give us away, I'm not surprised...

         Claw hammer, and chopping board perfectly sized.

#77 You got us, 78 and 72. But look at you! Urine-baptised!


#74 And really, I know one bloke you'd have flipped,

         Who's lived 'here' for real, by the fully equipped.

         House of horrors. Closed doors, body bag zipped.


         Ceaseless display of knowledge and power,

         Of scrutiny, every day hour after hour.

         Like child-battery. Twice sent to that Tower.


         No script for him, shocks 'til he complied.

         Senseless unpredictability liberally applied.

         Aimless lunacy, unaccountable joyride.

         And one day found washed up with the tide,

         No explanation. Like how Joseph K. was tried.

         Wake yourself. This stuff... you'll never be qualified.


#72 I'm sorry. And you'd have found it easier to cope,

         With a little less LSD and a little less dope...

         Switched yourselves off - you could only hope.

         This sealed you, in an envelope,

         And really strung you up with a rope.

         Couldn't get a grip, and so you could only grope.


#74 Britain's secret drug enforcement copper...

#72 Anti-drug enforcement, is more proper -

         Stopping a fashion! For drugs, yes I'd be a show-stopper.


         Did you see #78's tattered remains...

         Here look... clothing tangled in those chains?

#77 Luckily no! You went for the kill... When it rains...


#72 The stones at the window were also a distraction.

         And I looked deathly, that was a reaction!

         If you'd looked there, we'd have been out of action.


#74 Seen these before... I am the Serpent Master...

         will make your heart beat faster and faster...

         I am Number 72! I am your heart's... disaster!


#77 You even used the voice-modulating Rolls Royce.

         This could voice-over a whole cast. What a choice...

         One last punishment... let's see your invoice!


#72 Borrowed it also. I manage to get good stature.

         I'm a techy but I could be a plot-hatcher...

#74 I bet you volunteered, to a Body Snatcher.


#72 No one else did disappear, it was a hoax.

         You know when you asked about other folks?

         Simple. It was real, I didn't have to coax.



#77 Is that spoon-bending for real or a scam?

#72 Boil some alloys in water, they spread like jam.

         They say 'this is real...' so, that's where I am.


#77 Are they solid at room temperature, or a mush?

#74 I've seen that trick, keys passed round in a rush!

#72 Cool, they feel right. Definitely wouldn't crush.


#77 So you could rub spoons 'til soft as petals...

#72 Yes. And solder melts way below either of it's metals.

#74 The techy... Wow, how the techy fatally fettles!


         As we've seen today already. Anyway, as for the hero...

         Number Six. We've read he defeats 'Emperor Nero',

         And he's named again, and the Villagers, are zero...


#77 Hang on, you told us the wrong time. It hadn't started early.

#72 You didn't find out! If you'd have asked Shirley...

      We'd have been thwarted, you'd have seen your girlie!


#78 Let's go now. Leave the wind to dry the room...

         Don't want any trace of the err... exotic perfume!

         And happily, we can all go. No one met their doom.


#72 Clothing in the chains, nothing else is remaining.

#78 Leave it for souvenir hunters. It'll be entertaining!

#74 Errr!... does anyone feel like explaining..?

         The last episode. My vision has been draining,

         And puzzling it out myself... I'm straining.

#77 Lets read the viewers - praising and complaining.


         Slow walk back. Take in the... painting...

         I'll come back here sometime, for a re-acquainting.

         I'll never believe, in there... I was nearly fainting.


#72 Think of those extra... shear terror acting skills!

         That's what's needed to pay the bills.

#74 It's true. More and more in demand, those thrills.


#72 Chilling forecast... we'll have to take any,

         Any part we can to get every penny.

#77 Parts? Parts? 72 divides into... how many?


#78 A lot #77! His number is purest gold!

#77 No, silence is that. #72 is too hot to hold.

#72 No, silence is pure. And purity is undersold.

#74 But this quiet, no... is starting to feel cold!

         Before we sign out, a few minutes to behold...

         Here. #6. Carnivals. Penny Farthing. Rover.

         Dishy Women. Us. 

                                             Now ceased or uncontrolled.

Villagers (Strangely at Rhyme) was written shortly before the UK EU Referendum.