The Real Truth about Gods

(And oil refineries ARE naturally occurring!)

At first, the original form of Nature. The universe began...

A most logical interplay like a perfect plan

Energy, matter, time and space, one-ness un-twined

The reader is reminded of power enshrined

In an atomic and molecular explosive storm

Nature evolved into an unrecognisable form

But still complete. And an organism that came to be

A coordination, of One to the power of infinity

For a moment in the whole course of time

The universe was alive in a paradoxical prime

Its being was sane. Its elements firmly in place

The One Principle distinct. The One Grace

It was misinterpreted in due course when found

It was written over and its voice was drowned

Intelligence was misled and became a curse

Greed maligned the whole truth of the universe

Blighted severely. Those who know, sadly wait

For universal meaning to wake and reinstate

Battle, conflict, waste. Misleading of so many lives

Instead of waking to the Truth that somewhere survives

I expose the Truth. My poem a waymark in the gloom

We must bring and resurrect our destiny from the tomb

We must empower the world with passion and beauty

We must live truly, preserving our Natural Duty

The pillar of enlightenment that should stand tall

The One Commandment. Only and above all

"When from the Cup of Wisdom they have drank...

Their purpose clears. They shall have a Yank Tank!"

The ground shakes. A growl from behind gleaming jaws...

The way ahead clears as the fantastic beast roars

I feel my deepest purpose, my whole being stirs

Thunder. The beast shrieks and the world skews and blurs.

So think on!


This truth has never been openly denied by either cosmologists or creationists. Neither has there been denial of the shape of the universe - being that of an American muscle car.