She, who puts the rest in the shade

For Zenan


This time we'll feel their icy blast

Freeze in their grip. Soon, they'll be here

It was warm as last winter's months passed

For it was always summer when she was near

Men would walk naked down any busy street

Any day. Every day. Would rob a bank every day

For her, they'd take on the most daring feat

Would challenge any gangster to a bloody fray

She'll smile and entrance as she says goodbye...

Still longer, flowers will bloom and birds will sing

And when clouds gather to darken the sky,

We'll feel and see, in her essence still fluorescing

Then the bite, and harder as men feel it more

We'll look to the sky and dream of her return

More often, we'll find we're holding open a door,

For ladies we'll pass by, for an emptiness in turn.