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For a demonstration download please request via the contact form, stating: your name, job title, firm's name and address, industry sector, your current system for access control.

Photo passes for non-cardholders in five easily identifiable and custom styles. Search using photos in the different modes (Alert mode, Currently mode, Specific Day mode).


Paper size chosen by user. Unique colour, host's logo, rules for pass type, font and font size for each style. Logo (and rule box for folding passes only) automatically size to suit pass size. Photo size is 176x144 pixels.


Instructions - downloadable Word document 

video demo 


Main Screen:


Four modes for displaying records on the main list: All, Specific day, Currently signed-in, Alerts. Click a record to load in the details and photo. Sign in again, retake the photo if required. Alternatively begin typing the first name, so matching records only are displayed.


On-screen, records can be deleted, signed out or an alert added, altered or removed. Signing out and removal of alerts can also be done from the photos screen. Alerts noted for people are continued in their future records when signed in again.


Standard Windows dialogues for image adjustment are available at a single click, or use the camera's own program. Image sources are USB cameras, capture devices etc.


Backup records including settings and logo files.


For data protection whole months can be deleted. When they are, alerts and currently signed-in records are removed for those. Password needed for deleting months.


Example screen snip of the Alerts text box:



Photos Screen:


There are four pages of photos here, for three of the modes - Specific day, Currently signed in, Alerts. Total 72 photos.


Select different days from this screen when in Specific day mode.


Right-clicks on the photos: sign out when in Currently mode; remove the particular alert when in Alert mode.


Left-clicks on the photos: load details into the viewing area and boxes on the main screen, and view the main screen instead.


Both the photos screen and pass layout screen can be printed.

Pass Layout screen:

Adjust the colour, font, font size and Host's logo for each of the five styles. When a pass is a folding type a rule box is included and details are loaded in from a text file in the logos folder, in the main folder for the program.


Adjust the margins to suit printing from this screen.