Very realistic replica gadgetry, audio-visual.

Infra-red transmitter is housed in a small case.

Infra-red receiving circuits are to fit into home-made collars.


1-2 speaker selection and voltage indication 

Using one button cell in a collar circuit 

Simple video of the infra-red control (over 10m indoors is normal range) 

Example of a home-made collar, 1 

Example of a home-made collar, 2 

Close up video including some photos 


Transmitter operates up to 12 collar receivers. If more are required please use contact form for requirements:



Inside of the transmitter:



Receiver circuits:




The receiver is operated either by an on-board switch or the infra-red signal from the transmitter unit. Short press/signal activates the collar after 10 seconds, 1.75 second press/signal activates immediately. During activation a second press will de-activate the collar, though reception of a transmission while a collar is in activation has a reduced range. 


After switch-on of the collar there is a battery voltage level and speaker selection indication - a flash of between 0.8 and 3 seconds of one or two leds, the duration equivalent to the battery voltage and the led number indicating the number of speakers to be used. The battery voltage is not the same as charge level. To change between one and two speakers, power on while the push button switch is pressed, and then release.



Uses non-volatile memory for saving the setting. Receiver then waits for a press or infra-red signal. The activation is a realistic flash sequence ascending in rate, and an ascending rate of loud beeps building in stages to a continuous tone. After this the device resets and waits for another activation.



Power is from 1 or 2 lithium cells, 2032 size. Lithium cells vary in quality and age, but they can be bought online for a fraction of supermarket prices. Cell voltage can go below 1V. Circuit is powered by step-up regulator. 



Receiver is elliptical and measures approx 36mm x 80 x 13.5mm at maximum points. Standby current is approx 12mA.


The transmitter has a 12-way keypad, for up to 12 receivers as standard. Press the power switch on the side and a keypad button, with the infra-red led pointing at the receiver. If a key is pressed for 1.75 seconds a tone sounds on the transmitter, indicating the instant-activation has been selected. If no key is pressed with the side switch pressed, after 5 seconds the transmitter will sequence all codes, transmitting them at 1/2 second intervals. The collars in range will then go into activation after 10 seconds.


Optics are 950nm peak. The transmitter has a 100mA output stage. With this, outdoors with overcast sky the range has been tested satisfactorily at 5 metres. Indoors in a partly lit room the range has been tested to 13m.


The transmitter unit needs a PP3 9V battery. A radio version of the system could be supplied by request though this is not currently in production. 


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Please indicate preferences for Receiver numbers (0-9 or hash or star). For multiple items postage is included (use contact form if necessary). 

Replica BR Collar Transmitter 
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