For animal welfare organisations or approved builders of haunted houses.


433MHz using the RTFQ1 and RRFQ1 modules, with a range of up to 250m.


Audio, movements, visuals, operation of catch using a solenoid. Audio files are simply *.wav files of 'CD Quality' or 44.1KHz, 16 bit and stereo. 


YouTube preliminary video

YouTube video 


Circuit during testing: 



Keypad buttons:

1) operate the catch but plays the 'WeGotcha.wav' 1/2 second before, to distract the animal, and then flashes two white leds;

2) toggles the white leds on and off;

3) plays 'wav_0003.wav';

4) operates servo 1, turning it back and forth;

5) same but with servo 2;

6) plays 'wav_0006.wav';

7) toggles the 'eyes' leds on and off;

8) blinks those leds;

9) plays 'wav_0009.wav';

star) plays 'wav_000s.wav';

0) plays 'wav_0000.wav';

#) plays 'wav_000h.wav';