Literary Work

Villagers - Strangely at Rhyme

My depiction of events in the daily doings of a group of film extras, during filming of the late 1960's TV series The Prisoner


Imaginitive depection of events that I experienced while a housing association tennant

We Are....

Thoughts following utterence of the saying "we are what we eat"

Special Deliveries

A portion of privilege. Inspired by watching wagons that could double as swimming pools

Optimum Pessimism

Lovable tantrum thoughts


Schooldays happiness living on?

Temporarily Mine

Emotional encounter with a famous Dali sculpture, in parallel with wishes for a tidy environment

The Football Disasters

Players and Fans

Life's About...

More about sayings

Socialist Workings

Adding Up. This is what Socialism does

Phillipine Eagles

An exercise in research

A Telling Nuisance

Cancer cells

To Step out of Line...

Physics and the ordinary 

Love Poem (part 2)

A man in love

The Request

An Ultimatatum

The Secrets of The Snails

More schoolday memories, buses and sensory perception

Positive Feedback

Cups of tea have feelings too you know. And some are terrorists

The Assailed

Silence is Pure

The Real Truth About Gods

Everyone has asked or been asked about the nature of the universe....

Security Cats

Replacement of humans with cats

Goddess and Beyond


Empty Barrel of Laughs

Workplace hysteria and causes, and trying to survive it

Limerick Limerick

Applying art to art