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- Box program. For porinting custom of templates to make custom sized simple boxes from cardboard

- Snappy Snippets. Very quick access to personal lists in categories the user creates

- Planner, 4 week. Shows 28 days from a date in the past, the present, or a date in the future. Prints

- Post Calculator. Finds combinations of 1st and 2nd class stamps for the best value. For overseas or expensive post costs

- Files Namer. For renaming all files in a folder such as photos

- Map printing. Neat 2:1 width:height printing of map pages for creating a large wall map

-Envelope/Label. Very custom printing of envelopes or labels, address book style


- Temperature Gradients. For plotting actual and dewpoint temperatures on a scaled drawing of a construction such as a wall. Library of materials, all custom. Spoken tour

- Strike Distance. To show how far away a storm is based on individual strikes

- Telescope aperture comparison. For comparing light catching areas of telescopes


- Digiclock. Works on the PC system time and shows the time counting using binary. 5 alarms, custom

- RGB experiment. Combining colours

- Ellipse Draw. For drawing ellipses and finding their dimensions for drawing

- Clour Matching. Colour comparison with shades

Electronics and Programming:

- Resistance Calculations. Electrical resistance to component values using the E24 range. Find resistor combinations in order of precision, 5 combinations tested

- 16 bit PIC microcontroller configurations. Create C code for these awkward settings including pin mapping, basic configurations and oscillator code

Audio Visual:

- Stills Position. Looking at position of frames within video files

- Multi-Viewer. Up to four videos playing simultaneously

- Fast Pictures and Video. Playback program

- Auto-Speech. Simple dialogues spoken in different voices

- Sound Adder. For creating overlaid sounds in earlier versions of Windows

- Sweet-Talk Suite. Extensive dialogue creation, also subtitle speaking